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CocoWhip – What’s the secret?

Imagine a dessert that is vegan, low calorie, infused with antioxidants, made

from a superfood and is beneficial to gut health, it also happens to be delicious

and one of our most popular menu items at Helen’s Heavenly Wholefoods Café

and Juice Bar.

It’s called Cocowhip and it was created by a Gold Coast local father who was determined to find a healthy food that his kids would enjoy. Cocowhip is made mainly from coconuts and comes in a range of flavours we are sure will leave you wanting more - Cacao Bliss, or Original Coconut - you can find it at Helen's Cafe and Juice Bar.

Açai bowl

While Cocowhip is delicious on its own, we like to mix it up here at Burleigh Heads and love to add it to our local favourites - acai bowls, smoothies and mix with seasonal fresh fruit. The dairy, gluten and soy free vegan friendly snack has endless possibilities and we aren’t afraid to get creative by whipping up whatever concoction your taste buds can imagine.

How is Cocowhip made?

The makers of the delicious soft serve use the natural oils, creams and water found in coconuts and blend it with natural plant matter to create a rich and creamy taste like ice cream – but healthier.

None of the flavours include any artificial flavours or colours, it contains no trans fat and it’s rich in pre and probiotics.

How many calories are in Cocowhip?

In a 100 g bowl of Cocowhip you will find just 96 calories - that’s less than a large apple.

A 100g bowl also contains about 7.2 g of sugar and 3.7 g of fat, making it the healthy dessert choice perfect for those counting calories.

Is it completely vegan?

Cocowhip is vegetarian and certified vegan, the makers also try to use organic ingredients whenever possible, just like us.

Some dairy free products use a milk derivative called casein that can cause allergies but all Cocowhip products don’t contain any casein. All their products are also completely lactose free and perfect for those who can’t tolerate cow milk.

Why does Cocowhip taste so good?

One of the ingredients in Cocowhip is xylitol – a naturally occurring carbohydrate that tastes just like regular sugar without the negative side effects.

In Cocowhip xylitol is used to help improve the body to absorb electrolytes and studies show it can also help the body absorb both the mineral and probiotics properties of Cocowhip.

Why is Cocowhip good for me?

The makers of Cocowhip have a winner on their hands as it uses the best minerals that coconut water has to offer including potassium which is essential for healthy blood pressure, sodium to help maintain the balance of electrolytes

in and around your cells, manganese which helps the body form connective tissue, selenium which is an antioxidant shown to help lower oxidative stress, and calcium to maintain strong bones.

Cocowhip also contains iron to help make red blood cells to carry oxygen around your body, magnesium to help with muscle and nerve function, zinc to help fight off bad bacteria and finally, copper which helps in energy production and helps to form collagen and absorb iron.

Cocowhip is the multi-tasker of the snack world!

How long has Cocowhip been around?

The brand launched in 2013 after extensive trials to get it just right.

Cocowhip is so popular that it’s now served to hungry fans all over Australia, the United States, Bali and the Caribbean Islands. The brand prides itself on being transparent with their methods and ingredients so you can enjoy Cocoawhip with the guilt.

Is Cocowhip just a dessert?

While it may look and taste similar to traditional ice cream, Cocowhip is more than just your average dessert.

Cocowhip contains organic coconut water which is full of electrolytes and minerals making it the perfect after work out snack for kids and adults.

The guilt-free soft serve is 97% fat free and made to satisfy sweet cravings whenever they pop up, so don’t be shy to head into Helen’s and ask staff for a serving of Cocowhip.

How can I enjoy Cocowhip?

Any way you want! Cocowhip is delicious on its own in a cup or cone, or we can swirl on top of your acai bowl with one of the flavours. It also makes a mouth-watering side to chia pudding or as a healthy way to thicken up smoothies, top off brownies or to mix with whatever your taste buds are craving with a dessert mash up of our organic chocolate.

Ask our friendly staff how they like to enjoy Cocowhip.

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