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Acai bowls. Why you should give it a try

The acai berry is a small but powerful fruit that packs a punch, not only is it

delicious but the benefits of this superfood will have you feeling your best and

coming back to try more of our acai bowls at Helen’s Heavenly Wholefoods

Cafe and Juice Bar.

We might be biased but our customers have told us we make the best acai

bowls on the Gold Coast and we know once you try one, you will taste why

they are so popular.

Acai berries are a multi-tasking superfood

The acai berry is not only delicious (think similar to blueberries with an earthy

touch) but its rich antioxidant properties have seen it used in cosmetics and

skincare, with some studies showing the humble dark purple berry contains

more antioxidants than other berry.

Commonly consumed by locals in the Amazon Rainforest, the acai berry is

actually a drupe as it contains a pit like olives but is commonly referred to as a

berry. It has been shown to aid weight loss and has anti-aging properties –

that’s a big claim for such a small superfood!

The unique nutritional profile of the acai berry is unlike any other fruit and

contains zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. All of which add to a

healthy and complete diet.

It has been shown to improve heart health, build a healthy immune system

and contains 19 amino acids which can help to build muscle and prevent


Among all its other wonderful benefits, the antioxidant rich acai berry can even

help counteract inflammation and oxidation in brain cells to help prevent

memory loss and improve everyday learning.

Acai bowls are the best way to absorb the goodness

By enjoying the berry in an acai bowl, the refreshing fruit puree allows more of

the goodness to be easily absorbed into the gut, helping to improve

cholesterol levels and increase brain function.

The reason our yummy acai bowls are so popular is the combinations are

endless and are only limited only by your imagination.

We top our acai bowls with quality produce, using only the best fruit, seeds,

nuts, granola and milk options available.

They are the perfect breakfast, snack or after work out treat to keep you

feeling your best through your busy day.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by everything the acai berry can do, we suggest

starting with an acai bowl from our menu that we have carefully curated to

cover all appetites and assist health goals.

Creating the perfect acai bowl

Our team at Burleigh Heads has a lot in common with the multi-tasking acai

berry – we are also working hard to help you look at healthy food differently

and with a focus on quality produce and flavour, we can help you create the

perfect acai bowl and guide you in the right direction to suit your appetite.

Acai bowls can be tailored to suit the fussiest of appetites and take into

account special dietary restrictions, sugar intake, food allergies and calorie

limitations - so don’t be afraid to have a chat with our friendly team about

what is on offer.

Helen’s Heavenly Wholefoods Cafe and Juice Bar is proud to feature a menu

with plenty of vegan options and we strive hard to provide mostly organic


Our range of juices and smoothies have been carefully created with health and

the tastes of our customers in mind.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and we are on a mission to prove it!

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